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jQuery and HTML5 based QR-code reader

An easy and basic example for a jQuery and HTML5 based QR-code reader without flash.

Why? I couldn't find an easy script to read QR-codes in the browser with usage of the webcam or the smartphone camera with HTML5 and not with Flash.

It should be compatible with jQuery and very easy to use.

In the web you can find complete QR-code reader examples based on Flash for the webcam access and a script to read the QR-code. But reading the webcam with Flash is outdated on smartphones, so I made my own example with a lot of scripts I found in the web.

I found a good JavaScript QR-code library

and two good scripts to access the webcam with HTML5 "getUserMedia":

I made one example with photobooth.js and one example with saycheese.js, the better one is with saycheese, because the width and the height of the video stream is correct there.

I tested the script only with Firefox and Chrome in the newest version, I think its amazing to use only HTML5 and JavaScript for reading QR-codes!

Check it out on: http://qrcodereader.ephespage.de/

Clone the example from GitHub: https://github.com/Kephson/html5qrcodereader

If you have questions contact me or write me on GitHub.