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TYPO3 Backend - copy content and paste as reference

Copy content elements in TYPO3 backend and paste them as reference OR copy? Many people will say "this is a core feature, or?". I thought the same, but with the first TYPO3 installation without the extension gridelements I found out it's not...

Features like adding references in the copy-and-paste dialog of content elements in TYPO3 backend was well-known by me.


When I used the first TYPO3 installation without the extension gridelements I found out that this feature has gone.

After searching for these features I could find that these are part of gridelements:

  • Pasting a copy OR reference of a content element
  • Pasting content elements from other pages to the current page
  • Preview of referenced content elements in Backend

After I did a research for extensions with these feature e.g. in TYPO3 TER or on Packagist I couldn't find something solving this or implementing these features.


Because of that I extracted the features from gridelements to a standalone extension: paste_reference

Currently you can find the features "Insert reference" and "Copy content element from another page to current page" in there.

The preview of referenced content elements I will add in the next days, too.

The extension paste_reference you can find now on TER, on Github and on Packagist.


I recommend to install it via Composer:

composer req ehaerer/paste-reference


The documentation of the extension you will find on or in a short version on Github.

Questions or feedback? Please us the Github issue of the project or use my other contact possibilities.