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Update TYPO3 4.5 to TYPO3 6.2 (migrating DAM to FAL)

A little tutorial, how to migrate the DAM to FAL data with an update of TYPO3 4.5 to TYPO 6.2.

Migrating DAM to FAL during an update of TYPO3 4.5 to 6.2 could be a little bit tricky, but for the migrating of DAM to FAL is used the extension we_dam2fal62 and had a successfull migration of all the tt_content data and was very happy.
After following the manual of the extension, the migrating was very easy.

But when checking the complete page, I found out, that all the media files in tt_news records weren't updated to FAL because it seems not to be implemented in this extension.

After a short research, I couldn't find a smart solution to convert the bodytext data records in tt_news records.

Because of that I built a little backend extension which converts all the <media> entries in tt_news records to the new <link> element and references to FAL, called reint_ttnewsdamtofal.

The extension only needs the old tx_dam table to find the old DAM records.

Find out and send me feedback, I hope this helps other people, too!